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2024 Voices – Citizens Speak Up! 



2024 Voices – Citizens Speak Up!

The Europe we know today was designed in a postwar era for a vastly different reality. 

Mounting challenges and crises ranging from climate change to automation and economic downturns, digital threats, and the rapid spread of (mis)information, have brought societal concerns, confusion, and frustrations to a breaking point. Widening social inequalities have left citizens feeling excluded, disenfranchised, and cynical as they perceive that politicians don’t listen to them and lack the will to act on solutions. 

It is now time for a fresh approach with a renewed social contract for Europe—one that genuinely represents the desires and necessities of all individuals. As the primary stakeholders in this arrangement, we as citizens should play a central role in the development and finalisation of this new framework. 

Our latest report ‘2024 Voices – Citizens Speak Up!‘ marks the initial phase of a comprehensive strategy extending to 2030 and beyond. It lays the groundwork for our commitment to formulating a Revised Social Contract focused on equity, ensuring inclusivity, and, most importantly, actively engaging with your input. 

The report gathers insights from over 2,000 people across seven European countries – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Sweden – who have shared their perspectives on four key issues facing Europe: 

  • Advancing the green transition 
  • Ensuring democracy serves everyone 
  • Promoting inclusive and sustainable growth 
  • Enhancing safety and resilience 

You can read the full report here and the executive summaries in all project languages by following the links below: 


To make sure the findings receive the impact they deserve, we’re organising a series of local events in the 7 target countries bringing together young citizens, policymakers and experts in an interactive live discussion focused on finding solutions to the issues identified in the report.  

Find out more about our local events below, join us at and let’s reimagine a Europe fit for the 21st century, together!  


Muntpunt, Brussels                                                                 

4 June 2024, 19H00-20h30 CEST


Our first event took place on May 14th at Maison de l’Europe in Paris. More information about the second event will be available soon!              


ZEIT Stiftung’s EuropaCamp Festival in Hamburg: Our first event took place on April 27th. More information about the second event will be available soon!


Milan – 10H30-12H00                                                                           

13 June 2024  


Our first event took place in the Youth space Hej! in Lublin on May 21st. More information about the second event will be available soon!              


Our first event in Spain took place on May 7th at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. More information about the second event will be available soon!


Järvaveckan Festival in Stockholm – Seminar stage: Malmö

Friday 31 May 2024, 16H15-17h00 CEST 

No registration required 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments about the project at .

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