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Do you feel heard by your elected leaders? Do you want to play a greater role in the big strategic and policy decisions that affect your lives, but don’t know how?

Debating Europe is contributing to make European democracy fit for the 21st century.

Join our community to share your ideas and contribute to solutions. From the climate crisis to the impact of the war in Ukraine, we consult citizens on a wide range of pressing issues.

We test your ideas with leaders and confront them with the reality on the ground. To date, we have engaged over 3,000 policy makers and experts to respond to citizen’s concerns and questions.

Our ambition for 2024 – EU Elections

Ahead of the European elections in June 2024, we reached 2,024 citizens across Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden to hear about young people’s hopes, concerns, and ideas. We organised local events in these 7 countries, and shared the results of the consultations with candidates and policy makers to confront them with the reality on the ground. Learn more here and stay tuned for our next round of local events! 

Join our community and discover the opportunities to share, learn and debate!

As part of the community, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to join a range of activities, such as focus groups, debates, podcasts, and workshops;
  • share your ideas and contribute to solutions with people from diverse backgrounds, in safe and respectful settings;
  • debate with leaders to confront them with your reality, and learn the skills and confidence to voice your ideas and contribute to a thriving society.

Join our community now by signing up below.

Questions? Comments? Contact our Head of Programming and Operations, Alessandra Cardaci

2024 Citizens

7 Countries

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You will be part of safe and respectful spaces where you can share your concerns and propose your solutions, debate with your leaders and connect with other citizens, learn the skills and find the opportunities to be part of the change.

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Community partner

You will amplify the concerns of your communities, participate in debates, focus groups and podcasts, connect with a broader civil society network to shape policies, contribute to an initiative to regenerate European democracy.

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