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How would you reshape European defence?

In the face of escalating global tensions, Europe stands at a critical crossroads, prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The continent is witnessing a significant transformation in its approach to security and defence. Responding to the seismic shift, European nations are bolstering their military capabilities, increasing defence budgets, and reinforcing NATO’s presence in the east. The question at the heart of the debate is whether this marks the dawn of a new era or a transient surge.

Post-Cold War, Europe’s defence weakened, with a notable shift in focus. The events in Ukraine have compelled a re-evaluation, emphasizing the need for Europe to reduce its reliance on the USA and enhance its contribution to NATO. This shift is underscored by tangible signs of resolve, such as increased defence commitments, stronger sanctions, and a heightened ambition in defense policy.

However, financial challenges loom large, with most NATO members failing to meet the 2% GDP defence expenditure target. Balancing defence priorities with green and digital transitions and national debt management poses a significant dilemma.

The debate question is clear: how can Europe reshape its defence for a safer, more secure world, navigating financial constraints, technological advancements, and geopolitical realities?

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