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How fast can we achieve the green transition?

Europe is preparing for a major shift towards a greener future with the pioneering European Green Deal.

By 2050, the goal is set to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent. This ambitious initiative focuses on cleaner energy, waste reduction, and a circular economy, aiming to cut emissions, boost renewables, and foster a sustainable lifestyle.

The potential benefits include new green jobs, technological innovations, and a healthier environment. However, challenges loom—requiring significant investment, industry support, and a fair transition strategy. The EU’s 720 billion Euros Recovery and Resilience Facility is a start, but falls short of the 620 billion Euros annually needed by 2030. National climate ambitions, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, face headwinds, with concerns about delaying targets and increasing reliance on fossil fuels.

The crucial question: How swiftly can we realize the green transition while mitigating its impact on livelihoods?

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