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Discover Your Perfect Political Match!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of the EU elections? Unsure who to vote for and what each candidate represents? We’ve got you covered! Our dynamic online info session was designed to help you make an informed voting decision with ease.

In this brief yet impactful session, you’ll gain a clear and concise understanding of the EU elections, their importance, and how they impact you directly.

Introducing an Innovative Voting App – Palumba*

Discover an innovative app designed to help you find your political match. Just like popular online dating apps, this tool matches you with candidates and parties that align with your values and preferences. It’s a fun and interactive way to navigate the political landscape and find the best fit for you!

Ready to Make Your Vote Count?

Don’t let confusion keep you from making your voice heard. Watch our session and empower yourself with the knowledge you need to vote confidently. Click below to watch the recording and start your journey to finding your perfect political match.

About Palumba*: Palumba is currently the leading mobile app available on the App Store/Play Store helping young people understand who best supports their priorities at the European Parliament elections. Some even call it the ‘Tinder of European Politics’. You swipe right if you agree and left if you disagree with a political proposal… to match with European Parliament Groups that care for what you care. The app presents the complexity of the EU in a digestible way.

They made a pigeon look cute so that thousands of young Europeans will use the app to reflect on their vote while learning about the EU thanks to the simple contextualization and definitions for each topic. In order to guarantee the validity of their results, they teamed up with university researchers in a Scientific Council. Oh, and everything is open-source and privacy-friendly.