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100 Young European Voices for a Sustainable Future



Climate policies have to reinforce the social contract, supporting the EU’s desire for a “just transition” into a more sustainable economy. Such policies are necessary and will deeply affect citizens’ lives, and getting it wrong will provoke a backlash from citizens (as the gilets jaune protests in France demonstrated). This is why we have asked young Europeans what future vision of society these policies should be helping to construct.

With the support of Coca-Cola, Debating Europe has engaged with 100 young people from across the continent in a conversation about climate change in order to build resilience and strengthen climate action. We have involved young Europeans through a series of focus groups, asking them to share their own thoughts and ideas about climate change and resilience. We have taken a solutions-based approach and worked together to co-imagine a more positive narrative that empowers and helps break through the barrier of eco-anxiety.

We want to co-imagine with all stakeholders a different future for Europe, one that is both environmentally sustainable and socially just while still being innovative and economically dynamic. Over the coming months and years, we will help facilitate a dialogue on the roles of citizens, the private sector, and governments in building and sustaining that future. This report is one part of that ongoing dialogue.

Download the report as a PDF here.

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