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100 European Voices: Young People Debate Europe’s Recovery Plan



The pandemic hit young people hard. From education to employment, to lockdowns and social distancing, to paying back the mountains of accumulated public debt – not to mention the coming upheaval from the digital and green transitions – young people are at the forefront of our changing world. So, what do young people think about Europe’s recovery plans? What sort of Europe do they want to build back after the pandemic?

Engaging with young people on Europe’s future is particularly important given the context of the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe. We wanted to launch a project that could feed into the Conference, and help make the voices of young people heard.

So, with the support of the European Parliament, we launched 100 European Voices: Young People Debate Europe’s Recovery Plan. We involved 100 young people (aged 18-35) from our community, hailing from across the EU, and asked them about the pandemic and their vision for the future of Europe.

The report has been disseminated among decision makers at EU and national level to make them aware of young people’s concerns. A series of six online debates will follow up the report publication, with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) reacting to young people’s concerns.

Read the report

This project was co-financed by the European Union in the frame of the European Parliament’s grant programme in the field of communication. The European Parliament was not involved in its preparation and is, in no case, responsible for or bound by the information or opinions expressed in the context of this action. In accordance with applicable law, the authors, interviewed people, publishers or programme broadcasters are solely responsible. The European Parliament can also not be held liable for direct or indirect damage that may result from the implementation of the action.