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Protecting our Oceans, Water and Soils – Share your views!

Are you concerned about the health of our oceans, water and soils? How can society, from citizens to private corporations, help create concrete changes? 

You, as a citizen, can support the efforts to a green future by sharing your views, ideas and solutions. Debating Europe ran two online focus group series in September 2023 to discuss two strands of climate action:

1. A Healthy Soil for EuropeHealthy soils are indispensable for food security, clean water, biodiversity conservation, and to mitigate climate change. They underpin our cultural heritage and are a cornerstone of our economy. We can’t live without food – as simple as that! Let’s talk about how to protect our soils.

2. Protect our Ocean and WatersOceans and waters are a singular, interconnected system, facing many threats —ranging from pollution and overfishing to habitat destruction and the impacts of climate change. Once again, we cannot imagine a world without clean water – as simple as that! Let’s talk about how to guarantee water supply and protect our oceans!

Choose one of these two topics and exchange your ideas in an online (rewarded) conversation with citizens! No preparation, background or expertise is needed!

Registrations are now open! Sign up here before Wednesday 06.03.2024 (midnight)!

Thanks again to all the citizens who participated in September 2023 to the first two series on Transforming our Cities and Living with Climate Change!

About the SSH Centre project:

Debating Europe is running this focus groups series as a partner in SSH CENTRE (Social Sciences and Humanities for Climate, Energy and Transport Research Excellence), a Horizon Europe project that aims to accelerate the EU’s transition to carbon neutrality by strengthening social innovation, cross-sectoral collaboration and transdisciplinary policy advice.