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Living with Climate Change and Transforming our Cities – Share your views!

Global temperatures continue to rise on average by 1.1°C, risking irreversible damage to our planet. Scientists agree that it is hardly possible to stick to the 1.5°C target (under the Paris Agreement) unless the world changes radically. Cities, regions and countries worldwide are considering how to transform societies while adapting to the present and upcoming changes resulting from climate change. The European Union has set its ambition to become climate neutral (net zero greenhouse gas emissions) by 2050.

What do you think about the changes taking place to prepare our societies? And, how can cities, which account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions, transform? Tell us what you think!

You, as a citizen, can support the efforts to a green future by sharing your views, ideas and solutions. Debating Europe ran two online focus group series in September 2023 to discuss two strands of climate action:

1. Transforming our CitiesCities play a crucial role in achieving climate neutrality (net zero greenhouse gas emissions) by 2050. Cities consume over 65% of the world’s energy and account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions. What is your city doing to become climate neutral? How can business, citizens and the European Union help? Tell us what you think! (Learn more here about the EU’s goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.)

2. Living with Climate Change: Despite continuing efforts to reduce emissions we are still off-track from reaching our climate targets and as the planet continues to warm we will need to adapt our lives to  the inevitable effects of climate change. Are you ready to live with the effects of climate change? What can government, businesses and citizens do to make the necessary changes? Tell us what you think!

Choose one of these two topics and exchange your ideas in an online (rewarded) conversation with citizens from across Europe! No preparation, background or expertise is needed!

Registrations are now closed.

Stay tuned for our panel debates on these two series!

About the SSH Centre project:

Debating Europe is running this focus groups series as a partner in SSH CENTRE (Social Sciences and Humanities for Climate, Energy and Transport Research Excellence), a Horizon Europe project that aims to accelerate the EU’s transition to carbon neutrality by strengthening social innovation, cross-sectoral collaboration and transdisciplinary policy advice.